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FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm operates in administrative law, more specifically in matters involving public contracts, private-public partnerships, expropriation and notably in bidding procedures, since it has developed important services in this specialized area.



FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS counts with professionals and structure able to act in this area, in order to protect our clients from bankruptcy issues and also in the other area, seeking corporate recovery, as for example, credits belonging to the corporation or company.


In the past years, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been developing important services and legal advice to its clients, due to the development and expansion of business on the national and international level called Business Advocacy, which has been driven by   the need of a specialized, fast, efficient and effective legal services on these issues of investments, expansion and internationalization of their companies.

The Senior Partner Lawyer of FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has a wide, deep and developed knowledge from supporting  investments and his own knowledge acquired from his vast experience in this area, developing efficient systems, participating on the creation of companies, joint ventures to its internationalization and so on.

Nevertheless, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm has been working in order to support the growth and development of business expansion’s operations, brand managements and international contracts, enabling improvement and achieving new markets to our clients.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been operating throughout the Civil Law area since its existence, in which it seeks through its own and efficient methods, as well as detains a differentiated logistics, to develop a preventive service but also in the litigious field, with great development and success


Our law firm, along with our clients, avoided corporate conflicts, through appropriate legal instruments and guidelines as well as facing a pre existent conflict, both in Brazil and Portugal. In this sense, while needing our support and guidance, our clients can count on our experience of over 30 years.


At the end of the last century, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS began supporting companies interested in becoming global, crossing frontiers. With that said, our law firm was able to internationalize several foreign companies in Brazil and expanding several Brazilian Companies to the international market, notably the European market.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS focuses on Corporate Compliance in order to ensure compliance with applicable law, rules and regulations, taking into account the prevention of conflicts of interest, ensuring the integrity and reputation of the company.


As the “mother of all laws” of a country’s jurisdiction, our law firm in several and distinctive opportunities in which it has been debated with Constitutional Law issues, has acted strongly, very effectively and efficiently, notably in the Writ of Mandamus, Tax Law, among many others, or when the Constitutional Order is affected and affects our clients.


Consumer law has a huge impact on companies, specially in Brazil due to the detailed consumer protection legislation. Therefore, our law firm acts in this branch of law, preventively and in litigation, as any consumer law liabilities, aiming to seek a good relationship between the individuals of a commercial relationship, in order to always preserve the good name of the company, our client.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm acts strongly in the elaboration of the most diverse types of contracts, both in the national scope, other jurisdictions as well as international contracts. In addition to this fact, contracts’ management and administration is crucial for contracts’ vitality.

Regarding international contracts, from its elaboration, analysis and legal opinions, standing out contracts connected to several jurisdictions, elaborated notably in English, Portuguese and Spanish languages.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS since the beginning of its activity, has developed services regarding this segment of law, in which has acted for some of the biggest companies in Brazil, as well as for several multinationals of the most diverse segments.

Our law firm operates in constitution of companies and corporations, developing shareholder agreements, social contracts, corporate frameworks, drafting social contracts, as well as a legal adviser regarding business development plans.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has performed for some of the largest international business groups and corporations, notably in defense of its business and its interest due to illegal acts perpetrated by third parties. In which a fast and effective action of our law firm is possible to prevent damages and safeguarding the interests of companies as well as partners and managers.

More concretely, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has a notable operation fighting against illicit acts as: cargo theft, counterfeiting and piracy, smuggling and cybercrime - all in order to protect our clients’ interests and their companies and corporations.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm has more recently undertaken this new branch of law with the purpose to protect companies dealing with and managing personal data, developing data governance in order to eliminate any kind of liabilities since sanctions are extremely severe in the European Union and in Brazil.


Considering the present days, this branch of law tends to be the one that affects the most social behavior and, hence, corporate strategy and tactics.

Therefore, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been following this new branch of law which is targeting companies, corporations and every field related to it as well as our law firm has been assisting clients to update themselves.

On one hand, this field presents several advantages, as natural. On the other hand, it represents a risk and a liability, which must be managed in advanced, since it also relates to other branches of law


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has always pursued the environmental field since natural resources are essential for most of our clients, in Brazil and Portugal. With that, our law firm has always aimed to protect our clients and preventively present legal solutions that will reconcile the business purposes and the environmental interests and therefore society’s interest.

More recently, our firm has been active on looking for alternatives and adapting when it comes to the new “green” policies and concerns, always focusing on our clients success and growth.


Due to the fact that we inaugurated our office in Lisbon in the year of 1998, we have gathered an extensive experience and knowledge in this branch of law, which is crucial and essencial for any activity in Europe, due to the European Union legislation, the single market and its impact on the European Union members and domestic law.

Not only our focus is related to the law itself, its applicability, validity and effects, as well as we are concerned on reaching the European Union Court of Justice, when necessary and required.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has experience and knowledge that family business, as small, medium or big companies, but family business overall, occupies a significant part of the current market. With that said, our firm develops Corporate Succession plans and projects in the matter relating to the Business and the Family, aiming to an effective and efficient corporate governance, the continuity of the company and succession of the company in an harmonious way and within the interests of the family members.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS acts in cases regarding divorce, alimony, domestic partnerships, always aiming and regarding the family best interest and of the parties.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm not only specifically created this department in order to protect and cover the intellectual property of a company, mostly regarding fashion brands, but also to mitigate counterfeiting and piracy concerns within the illicit market, profiting millions and impairing companies’ businesses in the field.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been focusing on financial law, through our professionals and consultants with extensive knowledge in this specialized area, focusing on the elaboration of financial contracts, legally supervising effective financial transactions, dealing with financial instruments such as derivatives (as forwards, futures, options and swaps), stocks, bonds and even assisting in the creation of a Special Purpose Vehicle Companies (SPVs), all within the Brazilian, more specifically São Paulo’s financial market and between other financial markets of excellency such as London, New York and Tokyo.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm, with experience in some of the largest franchises in Brazil and abroad, in the most diverse aspects of interest and management of the mentioned distribution instrument. Our Senior Partner Lawyer comes from a very intense operational experience, due to the fact that not long ago he was involved in a successful distribution system, that consolidated the modern distribution systems, notably the franchising system.

FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS’ logistics, in the most diverse locations, brings an important value for each franchise, with positive legal results, also highlighting costs’ reduction and the speed regarding our services and our responses, beside an integration between franchisor and franchisee. It is also important to highlight the franchising contracts’ management, as well as the collection of defaulters in a totally personalized way, taking into account the relationship and bond between franchisors and franchisees


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has professionals specialized in intellectual property regarding its registration, follow-up and challenges, including, but not limited to, judicial actions in the Civil Procedure area, aiming to safeguard the interests of our clients and their trademarks, patents and software’s patents, copyrights and industrial property in the Brazilian, European and global markets.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS, due to the seriousness of our services and our logistics in the national and international scope, has developed, in this matter, services of interest to international organizations, some of which are even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which makes this law firm very proud.

FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS, as an international law firm, has specialized itself in international private law, with the purpose of safeguarding the interest of our clients, considering the national and international scope, due to the fact that it has been acting for some of the major business corporations, notably in the interest of its businesses, considering internationalization and the globalization process.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm has the infrastructure and professionals capable of working in this area, aiming at reducing business default.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been working in labor law for over 30 years. It provides legal advice to some of the largest business groups in the country, as well as small, medium and large companies.

Our experience consists of having acted in more than 20.000 law suits, all over Brazil and abroad, always in the exclusive service and interest of companies, which means employers. Our expertise allows us to obtain fruitful results to our clients, due to the knowledge and the great service developed and provided.

In this branch of law, we have developed several labor audits, always aiming for more gratifying results for companies, always with great success.

A point of honor is our preventive care, aimed at reducing labor liabilities, guiding the most diverse issues and procedures to be adopted, notably in the requirements of labor legislation, its understandings, as well as labor jurisprudence, departments and Ministry


Both forces of society as we know it. Hence, these have to walk hand by hand in certain situations. As such, FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS, in order to protect companies and our clients, have developed legal strategies of defense and direct opposition, when interest so determines and demands.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS carries a team of professionals and infrastructure capable of acting in this branch of law, safeguarding the interested parties and, at the same time, to preserve the corporate interest facing succession.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS acts in the area of Medical Law, preventively and in the litigation, in order to be able to fit and meet all the demands of the public sector and public authorities as well as to prevent possible abuses of the public authority, through pertinent,  efficient and effective judicial and extrajudicial measures.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been involved in acquisitions and mergers of corporations for over three decades, always looking for the best solution for our clients, whether it is a partial or total acquisition. Also regarding incorporations of companies, absorbing its rights, duties and guarantees.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm for over 30 years of experience and practice has specialized in this matter, notably in obtaining foreign nationalities with the purpose of safeguarding the interests of those who are concerned in obtaining it. Whether it is for personal satisfaction or for the possibility of expanding the commercial universe within other countries.

It is important to highlight our performance in obtaining Portuguese and Brazilian nationalities and the logistical and legal support regarding other nationalities.


FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS realizes that property is one of the oldest and most important aspects of law and protecting our clients’ property through specific legal measures is one of our serious concerns and part of our vast experience.


As the first legislative step of the fields of Technology Law and Information Technology Law, the protection of Personal Data is a present and future legal concern.

Due to FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS' experience with companies and other legal and natural persons in the European Union, due to the General Data Protection Regulation ("RGPD" (EU) 2016/679) that entered into force in 2018, its legal action has obtained positive and efficient results, protecting all subjects in this new legal relationship.

Likewise, in Brazil, it continued the work on adapting and framing companies and activities to the Brazilian General Law of Data Protection ("LGPD" Law nº. 13,709, of August 14, 2018) with the due adaptations, registrations, forms and protocols involved. 

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