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For more than 30 years, our law firm FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS has been active in several fields of Law, gathering extensive experience.

Nonetheless, our firm has specialized on legally assisting corporations, companies and business activities as a whole, which relates to different branches of law, as an example, Financial Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Labor Law and more recently, Digital, Internet and Tech Law, Environmental Law and Data Protection - all of these crucial for an efficient and excellent operation of a corporation and company.

Our offices located in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and Lisbon - Portugal, have an excellent team of professionals of the highest level, all coordinated by Senior Partner Lawyer Nelson Faria de Oliveira (Bachelor from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC/SP) - Brazil) operating in the national and international level in all branches of law and also focused and experienced in investments and broader businesses, aiming for the internationalization of companies, exploring also the franchising market. Our Firm also has signed partnership protocols with 76 lawyers across Brazil.

We should highlight that since our aim is to provide the best results and services to our clients, we possess a quality department and an active audit, with the purpose of providing them security and certainty of an excellent and personalized service, in a true partnership in which our action is active in searching for solutions that protect our clients.

Our law firm is currently working, in the legal area, to some of the largest business groups in Brasil, Portugal, European Union and other countries abroad, as well as small and medium enterprises, associations and business organizations. Our staff is formed of competent professionals, of the utmost competence, who share our basic principles: honesty, professionalism, ethics, respect, quality in services, human, social and professional enhancement.


Therefore, we believe that we are collaborating with the basic principles of Law and Justice, and with this combination of efforts and knowledge, results in an agile, safe and reliable actions, as well as the ability to make personalized attendance, our point of honor.

To our clients is ensured our legal services in all offices FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS, being at their disposal and availability in case of any emergency and for any reason, due to firm trust, consideration and friendship that we consider to have with all our clients-friends, the reason of our existence.



“Honesty, Professionalism, Ethics, Respect, Quality in Services and Human, Social and Professional Enhancements.”



Dear Sirs,

Having a complete advocacy, fully available to your company and with a highly personalized service, is fully feasible, especially regarding feasible fees, regardless of the size of your company.

Hence, we present this material with information of our law firm, which has a single objective - to protect your interests in a qualitative way. Regarding this matter, we have a special department for this issue, quality.

One of our highest and main priorities focuses on quality and especially professional secrecy and confidentiality, in which we understand that our clients' issues can not exceed the limits of our law firm.

Therefore, all services of our clients are effectively performed exclusively by FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm, through our several offices, whether national or internationally.

It should be clear that all our professionals work exclusively in our offices, safeguarding total and professional secrecy and confidentiality, as well as providing a quality, concrete and personalized service to all our clients, who have this special logistics at their disposal, in the service of their interests and requests, in a qualitative, agile and economic way.

We began expanding our offices internationally in 1998, more concretely to Portugal, which makes us an active and experienced in European and International law over 30 years, connecting the European and South American jurisdictions and markets, such as commercial and capital markets, always aiming and focusing on the growth and success of our clients, regarding all the branches of law.

According to the above, we make this material available so that you can get to know us and give us the honor of being part of your history. After all, as a well-known and illustrious business person would say, “one more client means another friend".

Many thanks,

Nelson Faria de Oliveira
Faria de Oliveira Advogados Law Firm



FARIA DE OLIVEIRA ADVOGADOS law firm adopts a policy of social responsibility aimed at contributing to the well-being of society and human enhancement. Therefore, our firm collaborates with the following entities:

  • Encontro dos Descobrimentos - "Good Corn” Life Philosophy

  • Institution Ajuda de Mãe (Portugal)

  • Beneficent Society Kibô-no-Iê / Casa da Esperança (Brazil)

Aiming to a policy of social responsibility, based on ethical principles, we seek to influence human conduct that privileges solidarity as an instrument of a fraternal and just society.

Our law firm also acknowledges the environmental responsibility that it has in the world and our conduct considers the European Green Deal, the United Nations’ 17 Goals of The Sustainable Development Agenda and has signed and committed to the GreenWill Green Policy.

In this regard we would like to thank you, the individual who gives us preference in our services, in order to make it possible to help others and help the Society.

On the other hand, we intend to extend the pro bono legal assistance program to charity entities.

Many Thanks,

Wishing you all the best.




  • Senior Partner Lawyer experienced in the legal world for over 30 years

  • Professionals specialized on branches of law.

  • Professionals from the best European and Brazilian law schools, with outstanding records, experience and background.

  • Constant legal updating and modernization.

  • Legal consultants of the highest level, experience and reputation.

  • Our Firm has signed partnership protocols with 76 lawyers across Brazil.

  • Law firm of the utmost idoneity.

  • Fully differentiated logistics.

  • Offices located in  Alphaville - Barueri; São Paulo - Itaim Bibi and Santana; Rio de Janeiro - city center (Brasil) and Lisboa (Portugal).

  • Hence, active and experienced in international law over 30 years, connecting the European and South American jurisdictions and markets, such as commercial and capital markets, always aiming and focusing on the growth and success of our clients, regarding all law branches.

  • Efficiency and celerity regarding inquiries, responses and services.

  • Periodic visits and meetings in order to present reports and progress regarding lawsuits and/or proceedings.

  • Personalized service.

  • Highly regarded and valued Law Firm before the Public Power and Society.

  • Law firm experienced in the most diverse types of companies, corporions and legal entities.

  • Services developed in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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