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Image by Andy Beales

Due to the current situation we face, the Brazilian Government as well as the European Union Member States are preparing and passing legislation with urgent, extraordinary and temporary measures in view of the pandemic COVID-19.
Faria de Oliveira Advogados Law Firm is at your disposal for any clarifications and guidelines for the analysis of all economic, tax, labor, social distance, prophylactic isolation and the impact that all these measures have on the daily activity of your company and business.
The most recent measure comes from the Ministry of Economy of Brazil, more specifically from the
Special Secretariat of Finance, Resolution n.º 152, of March 18, 2020, that of the extension of federal tax payments under the “Simples Nacional” [A simplified tax regime favored to micro and small businesses].

For the sake of the Economy, Society and the Country, your business cannot stop.

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